{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2D%20%3C%2Fhs%3Aelement79%3E%20%2D%2D%3EThese photos represent some the different styles, sizes and color combination of our Wahoo aluminum floating docks. 
All docks are built custom.  Call us for a consultation to help design your ideal dock. 

If you own waterfront property (residential or commercial) you need a floating dock. Floating docks, made from aluminum, by Wahoo Docks are today’s best choice. Aluminum floating docks provide maintenance-free docking. They are also eco-friendly, while being best suited for harsh marine environments.

Floating docks have totally taken the place of the old stationary docks with their economical and aesthetic advantages. Floating docks, just like the stationary ones, come in various shapes, layouts and designs. Wahoo Docks, North America’s #1 dock manufacturing company, pioneered and engineered the first and best maintenance-free floating aluminum boat docks.   Why Aluminum for docks?

Each Wahoo Dock is personalized to suit it’s owners every docking need and is covered by an industry-leading, unparallelled warranty.

Wahoo Docks dealer BoatLiftandDock.com in Plainwell, Michigan, wrote a two-part blog on how to choose a lake dock. It contains many excellent details to consider!

Above the Water: Floating Lake Dock Options and More Lake Dock Options
from the BoatLiftBlog.com

The water depth where the dock will be placed
Tidal variations in your area
The “bottom conditions” where the support framework will rest
The span or length of the dock you require
The manner of “connection” you want
Do you want or need a freestanding system of floating system
Do you want a straight span or will there be perpendicular sections
What kind of decking do you want or need
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Docks 101
8 Steps to Plan your Dock
Roof Layouts
Decking Choices
Railing Choices
Contact us today for consultation on your new boat dock!

Wahoo builds the best gangway in the industry with features like these:
Lightweight - ideal for installation and doesn't weigh down floating structures
Long Single-Span Lengths - reduces number of required pilings for long runs
Durable - welded aluminum structure proven to withstand extreme environments
Long Lasting - marine-grade aluminum will not structurally deteriorate even after
many years in the harshest marine environments
Attractive - maintains a clean, neat look
Affordable - price competitive even with pressure treated lumber
Single spans are up to 80' long. Our gangways can be powder coated for a beautiful look. We also offer several shore connection choices from fifth wheel permanent mounts to adjustable wheels and rollers to suit your needs.
Fifth Wheel

Piano Hinge

Wahoo Gangways

Commercial Docks

It is the commercial marine construction customer, with a large investment at stake, who demands excellence in their commercial dock provider. This customer most appreciates our meticulous approach to engineering, manufacturing and project management. They entrust us to provide a dock that will maximize their investment with a high degree of certainty about the final result.

Dock Accessories

Finishing Touches - Dock Accessories
often little things make the biggest difference
Wahoo Accessories

Warranty Info
20-Year Limited Warranty - Residential
Wahoo  Warranty